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Things to Do for Depression

  1. When you wake up, get out of bed. Lying in bed will only let your negative thoughts fester.   Start a whole new day fresh.  Get up, take a shower, change clothes and have a routine.
  2. Start your morning with something positive.  There are so many apps that offer a joke a day and websites that you can look at that can make you laugh or make you happy.  You can look at babies laughing, cute puppies or kittens, inspirational quotes or much more.
  3. Plan your day and make goals for your future. It is important with depression to have something to look forward to.  Get up, eat, walk the dog, do a random act of kindness, read a book, etc.
  4. Take a shower. It is easy to skip the shower when you don’t have anything going on.  Taking a shower every day or every other day is healthy, helps wake you up and makes you feel better.  It can make a huge difference in how you feel.
  5. Eat Health. Eating unhealthy foods can make your depression worse.  Eat healthy fruits and vegetables and eat balanced meals.
  6. Interact with other people. Depression can make you isolate and avoid other people.  Just saying hello to someone can lift their spirits as well as your own.
  7. Spend time doing something for yourself that you love. Find a hobby, color, draw, read a book, play computer games.  Distractions can help get your mind off of your depression and help pass some time.
  8. Change our thinking. Depression is an illness, but it doesn’t have to define who you are. Remember, you don’t have to be a victim of depression, you can fight this.  Read self-help books on changing your thoughts and books on depression.  Keep a positivity journal and write one positive thing it per day.  You can always find something positive, even if it is just enjoying the beauty of nature.
  9. Do some kind of exercise. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout.  It could be just going for a walk.  Do something you enjoy, so it does not become a chore.

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