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Anger-When We See Red

How we deal with our anger really does affect us and the world around us.  Here are some positive tips for dealing with anger when we want to blow up.

1)  Vent

Venting doesn’t have to mean spouting off everything you think or feel.  It can mean releasing your feelings through action such as riding a bike, journaling, punching your pillow, etc.  Anything you can do to provide a release for anger in a constructive way that helps take the pressure off and improve your relationships.

2)  Take a 5 seconds and STOP

When you start to notice, “Okay I’m getting angry, watch your body signs.  You will experience your heart racing, hands getting clammy, jaws clenching.  Take a five second pause.  If it helps think of a mantra.  For example, and mantra could be “This person has worth and value”.  Than ask yourself this question, “How I respond matters”.  Realize in those five seconds I do have options.

3)  Breathe

It is recommended to breathe for 4 seconds, hold for two, and release for 6.  You want to release more air then you breathe in.  It lets the bad air out.  Straw breathing helps too.  Take a straw, cut it in half and breathe in and out.  It really does work.

Remember, anger is neither good or bad.  It’s all in how you express it.  Enjoy your range of emotions and do it respectfully and all will be good.  Anger can often also be a reminder that you need to set a boundary.   So, after the flare up reflect and see what you need to do.

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